How to Relight your Pilot Light

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Newer gas water heater models come with an electric ignition that is easily relit.  But for those of us with older water heaters, the pilot light can be quite tricky to relight in the event it goes out.  You will probably figure out very quickly that your pilot light has gone out because you will have no hot water in your home.

Steps to Water Heater Pilot Light

First you’ll need to turn the gas valve off and wait a few minutes before turning the valve to Pilot.  Depending on what model of gas water heater you have, you will either hold down the valve or push a red button beside the valve to start back the flow of gas.  Once the gas is flowing through your system you can use either a match or lighter to light the flame.  Once the flame is lit continue to hold down either the valve or the red control button for another minute or two so that the thermocouple will heat up and allow your pilot light to remain lit.  Once you let go of the control button your burner will ignite.  For any details on where certain parts of your system are located, consult your owner’s manual.  If this process fails to restart the burner, you may have other issues with your water heater system.  For more information read…(link to another maintenance article)