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The EverKleen self-cleansing technology and Guardian Safety system will keep you worry free about your new Rheem gas water heater.

Product Description

Amongst their line of storage tank water heaters, Rheem has many different types of systems. The line of storage tank gas systems is made up of a multiple different series, providing different features and capacities. Rheem has two professional series of gas water heaters. These water heaters are made for residential use but are built with an added emphasis on durability.

All water heaters in both the Professional Series and the Professional Heavy Duty series use Rheem’s patented Guardian System which is a safety system that can detect harmful vapors and shut off the system if they are present. The water heaters in the Professional Series as well as the 60 gallon model of the Professional Heavy Duty series have the unique EverKleen technology. With EverKleen the system will self-clean the tank in order to reduce buildup of sediment, which can lead to inefficiency of the water heater.
The Professional Series models come with tank sizes ranging from 38 to 50 gallons. These units come in either tall or short models. The energy factor of these models varies between .58 and .62. The Professional Series comes standard with an 8-year warranty on the tank and parts, but you can choose to upgrade your system with ProtectionPlus for a 12 year warranty.

For greater hot water demands, the Professional Heavy Duty Series offers tanks with capacities ranging from 48-98 gallons. The energy factor of these models is slightly lower than that of the Professional Series, ranging from .49 to .58. An 8-year limited warranty on the parts and installation comes with these Rheem water heaters as well, and the ProtectionPlus upgrade to a 12 year warranty is available. These Rheem water heaters incorporate unique technology into the anode rod to prevent rusting of the tank and ensure a longer life for your system.

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You have to make sure you have the correct orcfie for propane.Some of the newer water heaters come with an orcfie that can be used for either.However if this is not a new one you will have to go to a propane place or some sort of warehouse where guys go buy stuff they can’t get anywhere else and order one .You may be able to get one from Lowe’s or Home Depot I’m not sure.Be sure to clean the orcfie 2x yearly you and do this by GENTLY sliding an emory board and this will remove any carbon build up on the thing.Not to sound motherly make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector they are lifesavers.Hope this helps and you have the beast fuel it’s the warmest heat I think even more than natural but I have almost forgot I’m total electric w/ propane gas logs.I grew up in a home with everything gas it was great.

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