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Residential Gas Water Heater 616 Series | Reliance
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Product Description

Reliance’s 616 Advantage water heater series incorporates many unique and innovative Reliance features with varying capacities. These gas systems can be purchased with either a 40 or 50 gallon tank. You can also choose between a short and tall model for flexibility of installation. The standard 616 series models have energy factors ranging from .58 to .60. However, within the 616 Advantage series there are 4 Energy Star certified models, whose energy factor is .62. Amongst the Energy Star models is also a system with Ultra Low NOX emissions for increased sustainability.

The Reliance Advantage

The 616 Advantage series comes in both natural gas and propane water heater systems. So the question remains, what is the “Advantage” of this series. One improvement of these models is that they have higher Btu output allowing them to produce more hot water at a faster rate. The dip tube in these systems also has unique sediment reducing technology. The dip tube is the pipe used to send cold water into the bottom of the tank to be heated. Dip tube malfunctions have been a common problem in the industry in the last decade, therefore this technology is a very necessary improvement for water heaters. The 616 series also incorporates Reliance’s FVIR technology. This feature helps prevent ignition of flammable vapors around the system, increasing the safety of your water heater. All of these models have a six-year warranty on the tank and parts as well as a one year labor warranty.

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