Reliance 606 Series

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Low NOx Gas Water Heaters | Reliance 606 Series
.51 to .61
SALE PRICE: $4000.00
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Product Description

With a very diverse range of models, the 606 series is one or Reliance’s most extensive line of gas water heaters. Amongst the ten different models in this series, four are tall, three are short and three have Ultra Low NOX emissions. The energy factor of these systems ranges from .58 to .61. The 606 series systems can be purchased in natural gas or propane. While most of these models range in tank capacity from 30 to 50 gallons, there are two high output models with significantly larger capacities. The 6100XRRT is one of the tall models and has a 100 gallon tank capacity for large scale hot water demands. The 675XRRS is a short tank with a 74 gallon tank.

All of these models, except the two high output systems, have FVIR technology, which is made to help prevent combustion or ignition of vapors around the water heater. Several of the models within this series are designed for and compatible with mobile home units. There are also direct vent models within the 606 series. All water heaters in Reliance’s 606 series have a 6 year warranty on the tank and parts.

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