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High Efficiency Gas Tankless Water Heater | Noritz NR83
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Noritz Tankless
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Product Description

Noritz is about to introduce its latest residential tankless water heater, the NR83, a revolutionary system with the greatest efficiency yet. Though it is a residential tank, for added durability, the system comes with a commercial-grade heat exchanger. The NR83 is a tankless gas water heater and is offered in natural gas and propane models.

Another notable feature of this system is the Eco-burner, which has been created to increase efficiency of fuel use with this gas system. Changes to the physical makeup of this water heater reduce the use of harmful pollutants such as lead and cadmium. This Noritz series is Energy Star certified and is therefore eligible for a federal tax credit of up to 30 % of the cost of the system and installation.

The NR83 is more than just efficiency. It is also built with the customer in mind with numerous features that make it user friendly. The temperature of the water heater is easily adjustable and comes with 9 different setting options. Additionally, this water heater utilizes a self-diagnostic system so that in the event something isn’t functioning correctly, you aren’t left scratching your head trying to figure out the problem.

<h4>Noritz Water Heater Warranty</h4>This residential model comes with a 12 year warranty on the heat exchanger, a 5 year warranty on parts, and a one year labor warranty. Additional details and specifications for the warranty can be found online.

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