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Natural Gas Water Heaters from Bradford White
Bradford White
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Product Description

Bradford White offers an extensive line of gas water heaters. Both natural gas and propane models are offered. These systems also come with various venting options for added flexibility. You can choose between atmospheric vent models, power vent models, and direct vent models.

Depending on your hot water demands and the type of system you are looking for, Bradford White has many different product series within their gas line. The Defender Safety System is a feature of most of the Bradford White gas water heaters. These water heaters utilize unique FVIR technology to provide protection for your water heater and your home.

For greater hot water demands there are several high input models that provide larger storage tank capacities as well as higher recovery rates. If efficiency and sustainability is your top priority, there are plenty of models to choose from that truly excel in these areas. The Eco-Defender series meets very stringent air quality tests and has significantly lower NOx emissions. The Ultra High Efficiency models also boast incredible efficiency. These models have a 95% efficiency rating.

No matter which model you choose, all of Bradford White’s gas water heaters are designed with advanced technology to create a durable and reliable product. Self diagnostic systems alert you of any malfunctions within your water heater. The tanks of these water heaters are lined with Bradford White’s unique Vitraglas lining for greater efficiency and a longer lasting tank. Additionally, protective magnesium anode rods are used to prevent rusting within the tank.

With all these various product series, you can choose from different models with varying tank capacities to allow you to best meet your hot water needs. When it comes to gas water heaters, Bradford White has it all covered.

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