Bradford White Defender Safety System

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Low Nox Defender Water Heater System
Bradford White
SALE PRICE: $4000.00
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Product Description

The Defender Safety System is a vital and noteworthy aspect of many of Bradford White’s gas water heaters. But understanding how this feature works is key to understanding the great value it adds to these systems. The technology of the defender water heater system produces very low NOx emissions during combustion.
As air enters the combustion chamber, the defender system can detect levels of flammable vapors. If these levels are low, the vapors will be ignited without any harm. However, if increased levels of flammable vapors are present the burner will shut down to prevent a problem. Vapors that do continue on through the combustion chamber are prevented from igniting other vapors outside of the chamber by the flame arrestor. Even greater protection exists, with a 2nd backup in the form of a multipurpose switch that would shut off the burner if the flame arrestor did not detect the vapors because of gathered dust or lint on its surface.
Bradford White recognizes that anytime you are using gas within your home, there is a risk that must be managed. The Defender Safety System goes to extreme measures to prevent any sort of accident with your water heater, giving you and your family peace of mind.

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