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US Craftmaster Water Heaters & Appliances

While the market is being inundated with new types of water heating systems, U.S. Craftmaster is dedicated to improving the traditional gas and electric storage tank water heaters. For many people a storage tank system is the best way to meet their hot water needs, yet efficiency and lower energy costs are still a priority. With Craftmater’s advanced technology and hybrid systems, you can have the best of both worlds.

Go Green in Tradition by US Craftmaster

The high efficiency, atmospheric gas water heater is one of the most efficient systems of its kind. The green choice gas burner produces 33% less NOx emissions than most standard systems. Because, sediment buildup is one of the biggest reducers of efficiency, these Craftmaster systems incorporate Sta-Kleen technology to reduce lime and sediment in the tank. The most significant difference of the atmospheric gas water heater is the air intake blower, which works to heat the water quicker and more efficiently.

US Craftmaster Hybrid Water Heater Systems

Another popular US Craftmaster system is the gas hybrid water heater, a combination of tankless and storage tank systems. Incorporating both systems allows water to heat more efficiency and with maximum output. Craftmaster’s electric line of water heaters includes a heat pump system combining convention and innovation. In times of lower hot water demand the heat pump can be used, lowering your energy costs, and when you require greater amounts of hot water the traditional electric system will kick in.

US Craftmaster Energy Smart Mode

US Craftmaster has created a logic system for their traditional water heaters. This mode will adapt to the daily patterns of use for a home. This function reduces the off-cycle energy costs by keeping the water temperatures lower while the pattern shows little use. There is also a mode available for vacation to keep the water heater running at minimal conditions while the house is on vacation.

Other US Craftmaster Features

Craftmaster also offers heat pump tanks and expansion tanks as well as replacement parts for your hot water heater, in the event you ever need a repair. To find out more information about Craftmaster water heating systems, check out their online product brochures. US Craftmaster water heaters also have a 9 or 12 year option warranty available.