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The WaterHeaters.net Blog is a great place to learn everything you need to know about water heaters and probably much more. This resource will keep you in touch with the latest technologies in new water heaters. We keep up to date information on all type of water heaters including gas, electric, tankless, and even solar powered water heaters. We are also a resource for servicing broken water heaters when you aren’t quite ready to buy that new water heater. Learn new tips and techniques on how to keep your current water heater running more efficient and longer.

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  • Self-Diagnosing Water Heaters

    BY The Plumbing Expert ON March 28, 2012
    Diagnosing your Water Heater

    New water heater systems come with self diagnosing features to keep those repairmen out of your house. These systems make it easy to fix and maintain your water heater.

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  • Time for A New Water Heater?

    BY The Plumbing Expert ON March 21, 2012
    Signs for a New Water Heater

    You can always fix an old water heater…and fit it…and fix it. When is it time to finally bite the bullet and buy a new water heater? With new technology advancements throughout the years, there are many reasons to replace that old water heater.

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  • Water Heater Systems

    BY The Plumbing Expert ON March 20, 2012
    Make Any Water Heater System Work

    Do you think a tankless water heater won’t work for you? There are so many options of water heater systems that anything can work for you.

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